E-Learning Resources

Fluid Management and Hemodynamics 101

This e-learning course answers common questions about fluid management, including importance of correct fluid dosing and how to assess fluid responsiveness through dynamic assessments.

CME Course: Tailored Volume Resuscitation in the Critically Ill is Achievable

This online, self-learning CME course addresses how indiscriminate administration of fluids is associated with a number of complications, increased length of stay, and mortality in a diverse array of patient populations, and the evidence for dynamic monitoring strategies in a range of patient populations.

Baxter at NTI 2021

Our session “Full Tank or Running on Empty? Evidence-Based Strategies for Fluid Management” is now available on-demand.

CE Course: FRESHen Up Your Knowledge

Barbara McLean, co-investigator on the FRESH trial, hosts “FRESHen Up Your Knowledge and Focus Your Fluid Resuscitation.” The webinar will be available on-demand through July 2022.

Sepsis Awareness

Baxter Healthcare is pleased to sponsor a Sepsis Awareness Educational Event at the 2021 Sepsis Alliance Summit. Immerse yourself in this free event featuring three days of high-quality sepsis education.

CE Course: Getting the Fluids Right Series

This webinar series, led by Nicole Kupchik, will focus on the science to support evidence-based decision-making on fluid resuscitation and de-resuscitation using clinical signs and symptoms, case studies and technology.

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